Neea Rusch

I am a first year computer science doctoral student at Augusta University School of Computer and Cyber Sciences, in Augusta Georgia. My advisor is Dr. Clément Aubert.



I work with Clément Aubert, Thomas Seiller and Thomas Rubiano on the StATyC project. StATyC stands for "Static Analyses of Program Flows: Types and Certificate for Complexity." I have significantly contributed to refactoring and documentation of our implementation of pymwp, which is an implementation of mwp-analysis of C code in Python (source code and documentation). I also gave a talk about this topic at Augusta University's Graduate Research Day in 2021 (abstract and presentation).


I have been an adjunct instructor at Augusta University School of Computer and Cyber Sciences since spring 2019. I have taught the following courses:

  • CSCI 1301 - Principles of Computer Programming I - since fall 2019
  • CSCI 1200 - Introduction to Computers and Programming - spring, summer 2019

I am also a member of a team working on transforming CSCI 1301 course materials.

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